Give something special to the causes you care about
Make Good Grow matches individuals with local community groups to work together on high impact projects

We call these people passioneers. They are volunteers that are passionate about a good cause and want to put their skills to good use

For Passioneers

Connect with community groups that are tackling the issues you care about. They need help and you have the skills to make a real difference

Skills like yours are powerful and we want to give you the opportunity to have the greatest impact you can.

Work on innovative projects, meet new people, get great experiences, and all whilst helping to tackle the issues that you care about.

Dear Community Groups

We understand that you have to focus on your core services, before you start on the large, transformational projects for your community group.  

But we also know you dream big, and that’s where we want to help.

By connecting you with talented individuals, you can access the additional resources you need to work on your big ideas and reach new heights. We’ll find you the right people no matter what you need.

Jut keep doing what you’re doing.

We think you’re awesome

for Businesses

Make Good Grow provides businesses with an easier way to have a real impact in their community

It’s not an afternoon spent painting a fence or a hand out. We only host projects that will be stimulating for your employees and impactful for the community groups.

We always let you know the impact the project has had in the words of people it’s actually helped. We combine measurable goals and human emotion to create powerful stories of impact.

Nigel Shanahan

Nigel founded Make Good Grow in 2018 after seeing a need for a simpler way for businesses to help community groups. As a business owner himself he was always looking for ways he could do more, but the time and effort it required meant that the day job often took over. 

Josh Pinfold

Josh joined Make Good Grow in 2019 as General Manager. He has previously worked with Nigel at Rant & Rave as a Data Analyst within the Customer Success Team. He is passionate about collaborations between businesses and local community groups.

Our Home

Make Good Grow is based at a creative coworking space called 1 Mill Street

The ethos behind 1 Mill Street is smart coworking with a heart and we like to think that Make Good Grow contributes a little to the heart of that community.

All our projects are advertised to the 1 Mill Street community which gives us access to over 300 local freelancers, creatives and entrepreneurs.

The team at 1 Mill Street also make their event spaces free on Wednesdays for Good Causes. If you have an event, meeting or just want to get offsite for a few hours you can check them out below.

You’re 1 click away from hundreds of opportunities to do good

Once you’ve signed up we’ll be in touch to find out what your perfect project looks like and start matching you with local community groups

Share your employees’ skills with your community

We will get in touch with you to hear more about your business, and the skills you and your team have to support local Community Groups.

Then we’ll do the rest to find you the perfect projects to work on.