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Written by: El Prior

5 Reasons your team isn’t engaging with your CSR strategy

It’s vital to adopt a CSR strategy to stay defined in the current market. But, how do you engage your employees in your initiatives? 

Well, stop what you’re doing, scrap the lingo, chuck the EOY reports back into the filing cabinet and listen up. 

We’ve compiled our top tips on how to make social impact more tangible, and ultimately more effective, within your organisation. 

  • You’re not involving your team with hands-on activities

Why should your team care about the donations you’ve made to charity? Make sure you’re involving employees in CSR initiatives. Provide employees with the opportunity to participate in charitable efforts or sustainability projects, so they can see firsthand the impact of their efforts. Your team can offer their professional skillset over on the Pledge Marketplace.

  • You’re not demonstrating the impact of your efforts 

Everyone loves a story, especially one with a happy ending. Communicate the impact of the company’s CSR initiatives to employees. This can include sharing stories about how the company’s efforts have made a difference in the community or sharing statistics about the impact of the initiatives. You could do this using SID. 

  • You’re strategy is far removed from your core mission 

Weave CSR into the company’s mission and values. By making CSR a core part of the company’s identity, employees will understand that it is a fundamental aspect of the business and will be more likely to feel personally connected to the impact of their work.

  • You’re not recognising your team’s efforts  

Recognise and reward employees for their contributions to CSR initiatives. This can be through public recognition, such as awarding an “Employee of the Month” for their work on a charitable project, or through more tangible rewards, such as a bonus or time off.


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