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Written by: El Prior

7 Ways Volunteering Can Positively Impact Your Business

7 Ways Volunteering Can Positively Impact Your Business

If you think volunteering solely benefits the charities and good causes you are helping, then think again. We know giving back can produce that fuzzy feeling in our hearts, as our Head of Marketing and Community Development Charlotte Kissack previously covered in her blog – Why Doing Good Makes us Feel Good. But what if I told you skilled volunteering can actually benefit your business, too?

Below, we put together our top seven benefits so you can see for yourselves…

  1. Improve staff retention
    Over half (54%) of Gen Z said they’d take a pay cut to work for an ethical company. This means the younger generation would be willing to take less money in order to work in a business that shares their values. Providing volunteering opportunities and encouraging staff to give back to communities can weave an ethical culture into the workplace, ultimately improving your staff retention and boosting morale.
  2. Boost sales
    Not only can it improve staffing, but your sales too. When choosing between products or services, 82% of buyers prefer philanthropic companies. This means you’re potentially missing out on customers and sales if you’re not actively promoting your company’s ethics.
  3. Define brand identity
    We’re living in an age of purpose. Aligning your business with a charity that represents your core value, shows your customers exactly who you are and what you stand for. In a competitive market, volunteering allows you to stand out from the crowd. This is worth noting when over 40% of people state they stopped collaborating with a company based on their stands on social issues.
  4. Improve overall health
    Working with charities can improve your staff’s mental health, boosting productivity and overall morale. When we note the global prevalence of mental health issues, with 1 in 4 people per year experiencing anxiety or depression in the UK, volunteering can provide an outlet for your staff. Not only increasing confidence and reducing isolation through its social elements – volunteering can even lower blood pressure. Acts of kindness release oxytocin, aiding heart health and creating that fuzzy feeling we all know and love.
  5. Create deeper & more meaningful relationships
    Volunteering boosts your sense of social connection and community presence – leading to new friendships and meaningful relationships. Post-retirement, many volunteer as a way to prevent isolation and stay connected. This means your staff have an opportunity to network and socialise outside of the work environment.
  6. Promote self-development
    Not only a social opportunity, volunteering can also open up opportunities to discover more about yourself. It can provide you with a sense of purpose and reignite lost passions.
  7. Build leadership skills
    As your team volunteer on a project, they practice and develop their leadership skills. They will face challenges and obstacles they might not come across at work. You need skills like that in your company.

But don’t just take our word for it. Tara, owner of one of our Good Businesses, East Village, tells us why they take time to give back.

“Supporting the community around us is something that really matters to EAST VILLAGE., and it’s why we love working with Make Good Grow. As part of our TeamEV Charter, we’re committed to volunteering our time and providing our expertise to fantastic organisations around us. We know how hard they work, and we want to help them continue doing the brilliant work that they do!” – Tara Tomes EAST VILLAGE

If this has inspired you, and you want to join our network of Good Businesses, find out more.