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Written by: El Prior

A Harmonious Gesture: Passioneer Support for Evergreen School

Nick Evans from Evergreen School in Warwick holding a certificate stating that we raised £6,845.56 for their music bus appeal, featuring Phil Sanger and Nigel Shanahan.

In the spirit of generosity and community, Make Good Grow is proud to spotlight one of our extraordinary Passioneers, Phil Sanger.

Phil’s recent act of kindness has left an extraordinary mark, by helping us at MGG and Mill Street to raise money for our own local children in need at Evergreen School in Warwick. Phil graciously matched the proceeds raised for their music bus project, to fund parts of construction and the musical instruments for the children. The grand total was an impressive £6,845.56, from a combination of funds raised by the community purchasing from our Mill Street Coffeehouse and a matching contribution from Mill Street and Make Good Grow founder’s, Nigel and Dessie Shanahan.

“I am just completely blown away with all the support this project has received! Thank you so much, and especially to Nigel & Dessie, and also to Phil for match funding. We will certainly now have enough funds to purchase some fantastic musical equipment! Thanks so much once again, feeling blessed to be in this position.” – Nick Evans, Executive Headteacher at Evergreen School, Warwick.

Evergreen School’s Music Bus Project Donated Johnson's bus that is waiting for decoration and construction to be created into a music bus for children with special educational needs.

Johnsons Coaches donated an old school bus to Evergreen School with the vision of transforming it into a dedicated music bus for the students. This initiative, aims to provide a bespoke space where pupils can begin and continue their musical journey. With some students forming a school musical band.

Director Peter Johnson expressed his joy, stating it’s a “lovely positive we can do.”

The former public bus, boasting a capacity of almost 70 passengers and a history of 600,000 miles, now awaits a transformation, and at Make Good Grow we’re working to match our skilled network of Passioneers (passionate volunteers) with a trade, skill or funds, to get this project over the line.

Supporting Our Own Local Children In Need

“I hadn’t really heard of the school until I saw that Nigel was going to do a matched donation from the coffeeshop, so that made me look into it and go to the website and look at what they were up to and it looked incredible. The way they help the kids and prepare them for later life, I just found it really inspiring. So hopefully, getting them this music bus will really help them and also give them a lot of fun on the way.

I love music, and it’s one of my passions in life, mainly listening to it and not playing it, cause I’m not very talented. I think just being able to give kids access to make music, listen to music, enjoy music, is really important and something I’ve passed onto my kids.

I got involved because of my love of music and the positive effect it can have on everyone, whether you’ve got special educational needs or whether you’re like myself, just an adult going through life and trying to cope with the ups and downs of it all. Music’s always there for you, so it really struck a chord with me, from that point of view.

I’ve got a 10 and 8-year-old boy, who both absolutely love their music, and I think it’s something I got them both into, and they’re both playing instruments now. My eldest is playing the bass guitar, and my youngest is playing the piano and the electric guitar, and they both absolutely love it and both listen to it as well, all different types of music.

I think it’s easy to forget the kind of difficulties that a lot of people face in life when you’re in a fortunate and privileged position like myself. Doing something like this really helps to remind me that life isn’t easy for a lot of people, and that a lot of us have both the ability and responsibility to help others.” – Phil Sanger, Managing Director at Grey Wolf IP.

Phil Sanger’s passion for music and commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of students at Evergreen School serves as a shining example of the transformative power of community support. Make Good Grow is proud to have Passioneer’s like Phil, who are dedicated to making a meaningful impact.

Help Us To Make Good Grow

Our Passioneers and charities are the ones that make good grow and through the magic of people like Phil, the story keeps on growing. As part of our Make Good Grow’s Social Accelerator project, we are working with selected good causes in order to create a significant impact.
We are always on the lookout for keen Passioneers to get involved in a number of projects within the local community of Leamington, Warwick and Kenilworth, if you have time, a skillset, a trade or just a heart of pure gold, get in touch.

Equally, check out our Linkedin or Instagram, to see how we continue to make good grow!