How Make Good Grow came to be…

A message from our founder – Nigel:

Let me tell you a story: In a previous life with Rant & Rave, I noticed that our fabulous Team of 100+ people had so many skills: great Marketers, Finance People, Project Managers, Developers. All of whom were happy and prepared to use these skills to help good causes solve their business problems. Trouble was, we couldn’t find the Projects.

They didn’t necessarily want to signup to paint a fence (nothing wrong with that btw), or to commit to a cause for life, but to be involved in a short burst with a big impact.

When we sold Rant & Rave it was my opportunity to solve that problem, and hence Make Good Grow was born. I’ve built a small, but perfectly formed team, who have joined me on this journey and we’ve  created the platform you see today, which has evolved beyond the initial concept of matchmaking, to a more sustainable suite of support for all Good Causes – with a recently launched Pledge Marketplace, podcast, mentoring and peer to peer networking amongst other things.

We focused our launch in the Warwickshire & West Midlands region, but have aspirations to branch out nationally. Already we have 100’s of Causes, Business Pioneers, Passioneers (yes, we didn’t particularly like ‘volunteer’) and Projects.

It’s funded by me and the next stage of this beautiful journey is to create enough value that businesses (and their teams) want to join this movement, we have free and enhanced commercial opportunities rolling out to help sustain our ambition – which is always to MAKE GOOD GROW.

We are a fun, innovative and trusting Team and if ANY of this resonates, please reach out.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to collaborating together.