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Written by: El Prior

Apex Connected pledges over £7500 of value to Good Causes!

Apex Connected has created an incredible amount of positive impact through Make Good Grow’s platform since joining earlier this year, totalling over £7500 of pledged value. With 3 Pledge Matches in the bag, and many more on the way, our community of Good Causes can now access fully refurbished printers for free. 

Helping Hands, Circles Network and The Mintridge Foundation have already benefited from Apex Connected’s pledge.  


We spoke to Alex Wallace, Managing Director of The Mintridge Foundation, about her experience with Apex Connected through Make Good Grow’s Pledge Marketplace.

“The printer is brilliant. For expensive equipment and hardware like this, it is very rare that an organisation of our size can afford them. If we do, we have to consider it very carefully and wait for the budget to be available (which can take a long time!) So to have such an amazing opportunity, with Apex providing this for FREE through Make Good Grow, we JUMPED at the chance and have not been disappointed with the support and service from Richard and his team!”

Alex makes a great point – small Good Causes always have a limited budget, now more than ever. With the brilliance of businesses like Apex Connected providing printer-copiers for free, more funds are freed up for other delivery and front-line service areas. Exactly what Make Good Grow are striving to make happen.


We also spoke to Stacey from Helping Hands about her experience with Apex, and how the printer has improved their productivity at work. 

“We are incredibly thankful for our printer/copier. It has made a huge difference to the office and how quickly we work. Before this match we’d gone through several inkjet printers that had multiple problems and wouldn’t print properly or at a decent standard. The service from Apex has been wonderful, not only at the point of set up, but also ongoing support, answering any questions we have or reordering ink. Thank you Make Good Grow for pairing us!”


Apex Connected joined Make Good Grow in May of 2022, and Richard Lamb, Director of Sales, had a few words to say on collaborating with the organisation. 

“When we heard about Make Good Grow, we knew it was right up our street!  We are thrilled that we’ve already had these Pledge matches and that the Good Causes are happy with their new machines. 

Apex has always been committed to giving back to communities and good causes. Through Apex Action, our own funding and volunteer initiative, we’ve undertaken school garden makeover projects, bought football bibs, tickets for Lego Land, raised £1000’s for nominated charity Cheshire Without Abuse, and much more. We are delighted to be sitting alongside other Good Businesses in Make God Grow’s network, all with a common goal – to create more positive social impact and support the causes that need help most!”

Apex were able to slot in their Make Good Grow pledge’s alongside the other social impact activity, fundraising and other initiatives that were already happening. This is a perfect example of how businesses can work with Make Good Grow as a complementary addition to other ESG/CSR outputs.

Make Good Grow’s Managing Director – Rob Langley-Swain said: “We’re so very grateful to Apex Connected, a serial pledging business who have now supported multiple Good Causes with a product that for most, always seemed out of the reach of their means! We hope that Richard and the team continue to enjoy giving back and doing good, and that their enthusiasm encourages more businesses to sign up and get involved! Thank you Apex Connected! Keep it up!”

The Make Good Grow Pledge Marketplace allows businesses to offer their services, facilities, products or volunteering time to Good Causes, at no cost, reducing admin that can come with volunteering opportunities and finding the right causes to support. 

We’re imagining a world where every business can give something, however big or small, to help create real impact and support for Good Causes who are delivering front-line support and positive change in our communities.

Could you and your business be a part of this? We hope so! 

Get in touch with the team today, find out more and join our Movement for Good.