A Make Good Grow Business.

{ ei / mayk gud grow / biz nuhs } – noun

Enterprises that support Make Good Grow initiatives through our Triple Threat System: In Time, In Kind, In Cash.

Why Make Good Grow?

We’re revolutionising giving back, empowering businesses and their staff to create meaningful impact on your terms with your schedule – gone are the days of wanting to do good but find it difficult and time consuming.

We’re the ultimate matchmakers, pairing you with a charity that aligns with your business needs.

Make Good Grow, Make Good Easy.

The Triple Threat:

In Time

Passioneers & Businesses who give their time to make a real difference. Whether that’s running a workshop, taking on a 10k run or chatting 1 on 1 with our good causes.

In Kind

Perhaps you have an excess of products or services that could be lovingly gifted to charities and good causes. Anything from laptops and phones to buses and sleighs we’ve seen it all.

In Cash

Through fundraising, MGG investment, gift aid or corporate tax. Help turn cash into meaningful projects, delivered through our Social Accelerator process.

Our Social Accelerator System.

The Triple Threat extends seamlessly into our Social Accelerator system.

Your contributions in time, kind, or cash flow directly into our good causes through Grow, Run, and Upskill.

Our good causes have the flexibility to choose the type of support they need most. Whether it’s a one-time project utilising in-kind services, a social media workshop powered by in-time assistance, or sponsorship for a sports kit facilitated by cash contributions, we’ve got them covered.

And you get front-row seats to the magic your support creates!

Celebrating Your Success.

At Make Good Grow, we believe in more than just showing where your support goes; we celebrate YOU along the way.

While some businesses may hesitate to highlight their positive impact, we refuse to stay silent. We’re here to cheer on your success!

Our team of matchmakers are expert storytellers. Have you seen our newsletter? Your perfect match will be featured across our social media, newsletters, and blogs, inspiring others, like you, to join the cause.

So, don’t hide your goodness away. Let it bask in the spotlight where it belongs!

Your Social Impact Benefits:

We’re putting the S back into your ESG and CSR!

In the world of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices, there’s a missing connection that often goes unnoticed: the social impact!

Amidst all the talk of financial metrics and green initiatives, the vital ‘S’ for social impact tends to be overlooked, like the shy admirer waiting for their perfect match.


Companies with a strong CSR programme
reduce their employee turnover rate by 50%



2/3rds of millennials won’t take a job at a company with poor CSR practices



87% of employees who volunteered with their companies reported an improved perception of their company.


Become a Make Good Grow Business:

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How long does a project take?

We match you with the right project that fits your terms and timescale. You can dip in and dip out of projects. All of our projects are different and may require different timescales, but it’s our job at Make Good Grow to ensure you’re happy with the impact you’re able to create.

What charities will I be supporting?

We are working with over 60 charities within South Warwickshire, in a number of different sectors. It’s our role to find your perfect good cause/ charity match that aligns with something you truly care about and want to create impact for them.

How does Make Good Grow measure you Social Impact?

We measure your impact through tracking the project. Using an internal system to record the projects, businesses, passioneers and good causes. We work out the ‘In Time’ , ‘In Kind’, ‘In Cash’ value from you and connect it to the people impact figure we have requested from the good cause. This allows us to total your impact by project, by charity and as a whole.