Aston Business School

Our innovative programme is constructed around students working in a team to set up and run their own enterprise. Students learn everything they need to know by experiencing it for themselves, first hand in real life environments.

The BSc Business Enterprise Development degree at Aston University aims to give students the best start to learning about how to develop, sustain and grow a business. It has been adapted by the globally renowned Team Academy model of entrepreneurship education from Finland, and built on the following principles:

  • Develop entrepreneurial capacity and mindset through learning-by-doing.
  • Experience the development of a real business with a team of others.
  • Determine student centred learning focus and needs, supported by team coaches who are there to guide and help you develop.

Throughout students programme of study at Aston Business School, they will be exposed to a wide variety of opportunities to create real and meaningful impact through entrepreneurial challenges and partnerships with local, regional, national and international not-for-profit organisations.

These will include fundraising and other business operation opportunities that are real world and live projects.


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