Common Purpose

What is Common Purpose?

Common Purpose is a global, not-for-profit leadership development organization that specializes in cross-boundary leadership. Founded in 1989, we run programmes in over 70 cities worldwide and have more than 107,000 alumni.
What does Common Purpose do?

Common Purpose runs leadership development programmes that inspire and equip people to work across boundaries.

Common Purpose develops leaders who can cross boundaries. This enables them to solve complex problems both in organizations and in cities.

What are the benefits?

By bringing together a diverse group, individuals are challenged on a personal and professional level, which helps them develop as leaders and create new peer groups (or networks)

Real-life insights and experiences give people a better understanding of the world and context that they operate in, which leads to better decision-making

Individuals are challenged, through different insights and experiences, which helps them adapt and develop as leaders

This provides organisations, and places, with more effective leaders

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