Mogan and Mogan


Michael Mogan MBE is the founder of Mogan and Mogan – who offer guaranteed fundraising success for Good Causes.

Whether a capital or project based requirement, Mogan and Mogan is confident they’ll be able to source new funding for organisations.

Their website: has a host of case-studies and testimonials outlining the ways they’ve partners with good causes large and small.

They reassuringly offer a money-back assurance, which means the risk is minimised and trustees and teams can engage with them with 100% confidence.

Michael Mogan has a commitment to give back and support the third sector, as is clear from his generous Make Good Grow pledge and the various events and webinars that he delivers through his extensive network.

Our Pledge

Make Good Grow are thrilled to be collaborating with Mogan and Mogan to help deliver their kindly pledged offer for Good Causes.

Mogan and Mogan are offering 3 hours of fundraising support and strategy to one Good Cause per month.

Check out this pledge and more on our Pledge Marketplace…