Positive Outlook


Positive Outlook is a Midlands-based, independent ethical and sustainable clothing company that has a vision to impact the way people think and purchase their clothing. Creating premium, minimalistic garments using natural fibres such as bamboo, organic cotton and tencel, their brand is bringing like-minded positive people together to take active steps towards a more sustainable and purposeful future.

The company keeps transparency and sustainability at the heart of everything they do, from where the fabrics are sourced and how much their ethical manufacturers pay, to the packaging your garments arrive in and the local businesses they support along the way, Positive Outlook is more than just a clothing brand. It is a community determined to make a difference.

The Positive Outlook pledge:

As part of Positive Outlook’s commitment to positive change, they have produced a purpose-driven podcast channel called The Give Back Pod. Through this platform, the team talks to and shares the inspiring stories of good causes charities and organisations are fulfilling in their community to support the lives of young people. Providing a voice to those working to support children and hearing first-hand the powerful stories and challenges these young people have to share, the team hopes to learn about and educate the public on the real needs of young people in the modern day.

If you would like to have your Good Cause featured on The Give Back Pod or know of an organisation or charity with a story to share, get in touch with the Make Good Grow team and we’ll make the connection!

Find out more about the Podcast here: