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Written by: Ola Kielbasa

Celebrating International Women’s Day 

Tuesday the 8th of March marked International Women’s Day, a truly special day to recognise and appreciate all of the women, not just in our own lives but across the globe. Women around the world utilise this day to celebrate one another, come together and rally for equal treatment and representation in all areas of life. 

Throughout time, women have collaborated and led purposeful action to alter and eradicate inequality in the hope for better futures for themselves, their communities and future generations of women, with the ambition to shape a better and brighter world for those to come. Through bold and organised action or simple and humble resistance, women have fought for their right to live in an equal and fair world. 

On Tuesday we welcomed three incredible, inspirational and successful women, all involved in good causes which support women, into our podcast studio to share their stories, experiences and tell us more about what their organisations do to support those who need it the most… 

Jaime Richards represented Coventry Haven, a cause that supports both women and children through all types of abuse. They also provide coaching and training to GPs on how to ask women the tough questions that they may not feel comfortable asking, and how to deal with the disclosure of a woman’s situation. Coventry Haven have supported just under 2000 women and children in the last year, providing them with the help that they need. 

During the live broadcast, Jaime shared her experience of using the services that Coventry Haven provides, describing that: “It was like a breath of fresh air, the belief, they don’t ever judge, they don’t tell you what you can and can’t do.”

Char Bevan is the founder and director of Flourish, a charity dedicated to helping young women and girls who struggle with self-confidence and self-esteem. They help girls to either discover or rediscover their strengths and the truly unique qualities that make them special, as well as helping them build emotional resilience. Flourish support around 30 girls at a time, working in 11 different schools, providing one to one mentoring as well as group courses. 

Sharing one of her favourite phrases, Char explained that “You can’t be what you can’t see”, embodying the message that Flourish are trying to share.

Finally, Beverley Gilbert, joined the live broadcast via an online video link, representing Cohort 4. Cohort 4 is a cause started and run by women who have disabilities and have survived abuse. They provide gentle, long term support for survivors, including everything from physical items or general support. They conduct courses and one on one specialist sessions to over 50 people within the organisation each year. 

Towards the end of our live podcast Beverley gave her advice to those watching and listening, on how you can help. “Be an active bystander.” she encouraged, stressing the importance of helping those who you can see that are in need of support. 

You can watch the recording of the live podcast here.

This blog was written by Dylan Langley, a 17 year old high school student from Campion School who was supporting Make Good Grow during a week’s work experience.