Birmingham PHAB Camps

Action packed Holidays that embrace every ability
Birmingham PHAB Camps runs amazing adventure weeks away for children and young adults from Birmingham.
What makes our adventure weeks away so fun and special is that we make them inclusive of everyone. Birmingham is a large multicultural city, home to young people from all walks of life, faiths, ethnicities and abilities. Our mission is to integrate Birmingham's young people and create better understanding and friendships between them. What better way of doing that than going away on holiday together?
These holidays are all about integration amongst peer groups, and are all comprised of an equal number of disabled and non‐disabled young people, looked after by dedicated teams of trained volunteers, providing one‐to‐one care where needed.
We recruit volunteers from all over the UK to come and help the children have an amazing week away.
It’s like Camp America by in the UK – helping those who most need it!

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