The bowling club was established in 1884 and has been helping the local community throughout both world wars we have well documented history of helping the injured troops from WW1 and WW2 with pictures of the injured troops coming back from the first week of the Somme 1916. we held injured troops days every month all paid for by the members.and the Club Was used for the Barrage balloons in WW2.
Nowadays we concentrate on getting all ages and people come from all over the midlands to play our game and more than anything we are a social hub older people can come and just watch the Bowlers play or join in if they want they can meet old and new friends.
On Thursday evenings we have a group called the tuneless choir that want people that cannot sing come along and join in. on Saturday Mornings we have a calligraphy groups for two hours sit and practice and have a coffee and biscuits. we are a not for profit organisation and 10 people give their time and efforts to look after the Club