Dagmer Dias

As a Families Worker in Willenhall, I bring support through running groups for single mums, toddlers, children, youth and families on a weekly basis. These groups has helped people within the community discuss, build friendships, eat healthy meals and share and think about their Faith in Jesus. I run a stay and play for parents and toddlers with toast, bible story and nursery rhymes.
I run various bible study courses on a Tuesday morning which include Alpha, Bible Society, and The Psalms.
I also facilitate a women’s group every Thursday to encourage women to build their life skills, build awareness and grow their confidence. and a Friday Brunch group for families where I organise and invite people to come in and do various activities, talks, and skills like, cooking, dancing, drumming, baking, sewing, talk on autism, mental health, personal safety and so on I would like to do more with starting a youth group to continue supporting the community as our current one has come to an end.

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