Entrust Care Partnership

Entrust Care Partnership’s Vision is:
To meet the needs of disabled children, young persons, adults and their families and carers through the provision of short break activities, care, support, training, advice and brokerage tailoring services which are bespoke to the individual.
We encourage the participation of staff, disabled children, young people and our partners as many voices and ideas help sustain our passion and innovation.
We pride ourselves on offering good value for money, maintaining our integrity and delivering on our promises.
We deliver services under the broad banner of 4 key themes:
(i) Short Break Care, (ii) Personalisation, (iii) Holiday Breaks and (iv) Family Participation.
We want to provide a different way of caring which is both cost effective and supports choice. We will work with disabled children, young people and adults in groups, one to one in the home or in community settings.

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