gambling awareness and education

We are a gambling commission and CPD accredited delivery partner, delivering educational gambling awareness workshops to ALL. We believe in early intervention to prevent gambling related harms , particulalrly for children and young adults.

Another strand to our work is the delivery of our CPD accredited gambling awareness training course, which is aimed at professionals within the workplace, such as managers, line managers, supervisors, team leaders, CE. MD,s, etc etc, and we do this due to the fact there is a huge rise in gambling in the workplace, as stated by PHE report in 2022 when they stated that 15% of online gamblers gamble in the workplace.

We also sign post to support services for those who need help, as well as offering a one-one consultation via phone or virtually.

We are proud to have the 8000 mark in terms of reach for children within secondary schools, and will continue to deliver that schools project, as its funded by the national lottery community fund.

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