Gary Laybourne

Established in 2012, Coach Core is a social mobility charity that uses community sports apprenticeships to target young adults not in employment, education or training (NEET) and have them not only change their own future pathways but also become a positive influence in communities that need physical activity provision most.

Our model is to convene the best sport for change employers across the UK, with the best training providers, to create powerful consortium networks that provide an unparalleled offer of funding, training, personal support and qualifications that benefit the apprentices, local businesses and the local community alike. We target those facing discrimination and barriers to provide them with a long term career pathway whilst training them to become relatable, inspiring young role models in the community.

A Sport England systemic partner, we operate in 19 UK cities, have supported over 200 employers and 750 apprentices that have coached over 2m people to date!

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