Hi! We provide a space for new mums to talk about early motherhood.

Our meet up’s and sessions allow new mums to talk freely about how they feel, the challenges they are facing and the ups and downs of early motherhood.

You may wish to connect to other mums. Or you maybe feeling a little isolated or down, or feeling that you can’t cope or that you are not doing enough. You may be experiencing postnatal depression or anxiety and you are unsure how to get help. We have experience of how you may be feeling and you would be surprised many other mums can relate to what you may be going through.

We can’t offer you professional advice, but we can share our experiences of what worked (and didn’t work) for us. We can also signpost you to services that may be able to help.

We hold a range of sessions, all held in central Solihull and all are free. Our sessions have one simple aim: to support mums through the ups and downs of early motherhood.

Visit our website for more info. Or send us a message or email happymamassolihull@gmail.com for further information.

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