Healthcare charity Kissing it Better

KiB is working to end the isolation of old age by bringing the generations together. Through connecting young people in schools, colleges and universities with older people living alone or separated from friends and family in care homes, our imaginative healthcare projects make an immediate and lasting difference to the lives of young and old alike. Our teaching and training programmes make our expertise available to everyone.
“The beauty of the Kissing It Better model is that everyone involved benefits – the patients and their carers, the staff, those giving their time, the provider as a whole and the community.” NHS England report.
Whether face-to-face or virtually, though teaching young people to understand many of the issues of old age and then connnecting them with older people to share stories and talents, we see the wellbeing of both groups flourish.
Our core team have experience from across healthcare and education, as well as the media and performance industries.

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