Leam Trash Friends

We started out in December 2018 after noticing a problem across the district with street litter and drug paraphernalia. Just two people started Leam Trash Friends with a view of tackling the problems head on to make our district a cleaner and safer place to live, work and visit.

Today we are an ever-expanding team of like-minded people who aim to improve the community in their spare time. People of all ages get involved with our works.

Needle patrol
Due to the scale of the used drug needle problem across the area a weekly needle patrol was established in February 2019 to keep a lid on the problem whilst we work with all partners to bring about long-term change. We have two Authorised Special Find Collectors who recover used needles, stolen property, lethal weapons and other dangerous or illicit items.

Days of action
We work with businesses and the community to organise days of action across the district where a group of people come together to clear up areas requiring large work

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