Leamington Dolphins

At the Leamington Dolphins, we welcome children of all ages, with any type of disability to come along and learn to swim in a safe and friendly environment along with their parents and siblings – without running the risk of being ridiculed or laughed at for being “different”. Many of our children have been refused membership at “normal” swimming clubs as they don’t “fit the mould”!
At the moment, we have 34 families, some having 2 or more children with disabilities including Down Syndrome, Sotos Syndrome, CMT, Scoliosis, MD … and the list goes on! Some of their stories are heart-breaking – but they are all absolutely amazing children!!! Some will never achieve what is the expected “norm” for their age – so we do our best to make sure that they receive certificates, badges and trophies to mark all their achievements – no matter how small or seemingly insignificant to others. We rely on our own fundraising attempts to pay for pool hire, insurances etc so would welcome any help!

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