Leamington Sky Garden

We are a Community Interest Company that was set up in 2023 to try and get the disused viaducts that run through the south of Leamington turned into raised community gardens. This is an ambitious long term project that is supported within the council and local community. We aim to create an inspiring green space for all in the local community to use and to be involved in its creation. We hope this will help revitalise the Old Town of Leamington and provide a vibrant new focal point to draw in visitors and create footfall for local businesses. Our website leamingtonskygarden.uk illustrates some of our goals and ambitions but we need to develop this further. Currently we are raising awareness of our project by attending local public facing events and have been attracting much enthusiasm and interest. Our aim over the next 12 months is to get a Phase 1 survey of the ecology and structure of the viaducts to see if the project is viable.

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