Mayday Trust

Formed in 1976 by Probation Officer Michael Varah and Probation Volunteer Jim Higgins.
Mayday Trust is a forward-thinking organisation working alongside people going through some of the toughest life transitions, including people experiencing homelessness, leaving care, coming out of prison, or experiencing emotional distress.
As an organisation Mayday has undergone a transformation from being a conventional service provider in the Social Care sector to a pioneer in challenging the systems available to people experiencing tough times.
This was far from an overnight change, it required years of listening to people we work with, a total change to our Mission and Vision, prototyping, and much reflection. The learning from this period led to the publication of the first of two Wisdoms, Wisdom from the Street, which captured the voices of the people we spoke to & the development of the Person-led, Transitional and Strength-based Response (PTS)

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