Jamie, our 18 year old son, suffered an unexplained cardiac arrest on New Years day 2022, due to an unknown underlying heart condition. Jay’s friends did everything they possibly could to save him, but sadly we lost him on the 5th January. If a defibrillator had been closer and accessible on that awful night, Jay would have had a chance of survival and our beautiful boy may still have been here with us today.
We want to raise funds to provide a defibrillator and vandal proof casing in memory of our Jay, somewhere that it may be needed in the future. This happened to Jay when he was just with his friends having fun, he wasnt playing sport, running or doing anything that may affect his heart, so it is important to us that people reaslise that a cardiac arrest can just happen, without any warning or signs.
Jamie had the biggest heart, he was the most kind, caring, funny, thoughtful boy and he had such a huge life ahead of him.

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