ROAM's mission is to facilitate children's free play in nature with minimal supervision; an experience that has been eroded over the last generation. We do so by putting into place a few interventions that enable parents to feel comfortable letting their children roam. In our original session model ROAM Free, children aged between 5 and 12 are given three golden rules to follow before they are released in nature! We are proactively inclusive and recognised that for some children, these sessions weren't accessible. We co-designed a new session model ROAM-IN with families of children with additional needs who needed a little more structure in a smaller, enclosed green space. We run three other session models with 100s of children having participated in the four years since we first started, and are helping other groups to get going in their neighbourhoods as we recognise the importance of children gaining confidence in their local area and custodianship of green space.

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