Safeline supports survivors of sexual violence, and anyone affected, and works to prevent its occurrence, through Prevention and Early Intervention programmes for Children and Young People aged-9-18.
We support people irrespective of age (3-years+), gender, sexual identity, culture, religion, language, physical or mental health needs. Our services are inclusive, comprehensive, integrated, tailored, confidential, long-term, and free; and support survivors whether the abuse has been reported or not and regardless of when it happened.
Our Warwickshire & Coventry services include trauma-informed, counselling, psychotherapy, creative therapies, Prevention & Early Intervention services, Independent Sexual Violence Advocates & a helpline. Our national services, (the National Male Survivor Helpline and Online Support Service; and the National Online/Telephone Counselling Service for survivors (aged 16+) of Childhood Sexual Abuse, support people across England & Wales.

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