Shine Youth

We are a charity based in Solihull which works to support teenagers struggling with a range of mental health and emotional wellbeing issues including bereavement, family separation, low self-esteem, low mood, anxiety, anger, self-harm and suicidal thoughts. We increase their positive mental health and emotional wellbeing through the delivery of high quality, weekly 1:1 pastoral mentoring and innovative group courses. Our team of volunteer Pastoral Mentors are regularly trained and supervised to be able to build an essential relationship of trust (therapeutic relationship using person-centred counselling skills), reduce young people’s emotional distress, restore hope and assist them to build their resilience through equipping them with of a range of coping strategies so that they can achieve their potential to flourish and shine in their family, friendships, education and community. We have excellent feedback and clinical outcome measures and are looking to expand our work.

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