Stockton Playing Field Committee

In August 2021, a Stockton Playing Field committee has been set up to raise funds to make much-needed improvements to the village playing field. The playing field is leased to Stockton Parish Council. The lease was signed on 23rd March 2021 for a period of 21 years which has always been renewed at the end of previous leases. The playing field currently provides a recreational space for the children and teenagers within the Stockton community. However, the space currently does not meet the needs of the people within the community. The equipment is not inclusive and in poor condition. The playing field does not currently provide a stimulating or safe place for the children and teenagers in Stockton to spend their time. No improvements have been to the playing field equipment since 2005 where new swings were fitted to original frames and two rockers were installed. We are hoping to raise funds to purchase new play equipment, a BMX track and a new football / rugby pitch.