Team Springboard CIC

Team Springboard CIC is a horticultural Social Enterprise based in Coventry and working across Coventry and Warwickshire. Established in 2014 our aim is to support people to live more fulfilled lives by offering employment, training, work experience and volunteering opportunities to those most disadvantaged, reducing social isolation and improving health and wellbeing.
We do this through horticulture and the development of Community Growing spaces. Our core belief is that gardening enables people to connect with each other and with nature and our goal is to work to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to learn how to grow their own food and connect back with the nature. People in urban areas have very little access to land and so our vision is that there will be a growing space within walking distance of everybody's home.
All of the surplus food grown in our community spaces goes to local food banks providing tasty, fresh food with zero carbon footprint.

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