The Horse and People Project CIC

The Horse and People Project CIC's purpose is to provide horse assisted therapeutic learning (HATL) sessions to young people from 11-18 and and adults from 18 upwards, either individually or in groups of up to six participants, who live in Coventry and Warwickshire, with the aim of supporting and improving mental well- being, facilitating the development of self- awareness, esteem, confidence, self -regulation, self -belief and motivation to make positive life choices. These outcomes translate into people discovering their strengths and potential and re-engaging with friendship groups, families, schools or colleges and work settings because they feel ready and able to do so and confident that they can succeed. People who access our service are often experiencing social, psychological or behavioural issues, life changes that cause distress or mental health problems or communication difficulties that have a negative impact on their well being and significantly limit their opportunities.

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