The SYDNI Centre

Sydenham Neighbourhood Initiatives (SYDNI for short) was founded in 1997 by a group of local residents led by the Reverend Morris Rodham. They had the vision to save the site of the old Sydenham First School and to build a community centre that would be inclusive and open to all.
This year, 2022, we are celebrating 20 years of a community centre that has meant so much to the people that use it, to the staff and the volunteers. The SYDNI centre is committed to supporting people in the local community of CV31 and beyond. We provide groups and classes including art, exercise, learning, holiday activities, help and guidance. The centre boasts a hugely popular café that has achieved a five star rating.
The centre relies on volunteers for its success and enables us to provide such a wealth of support whilst responding to community needs and aspirations, working with local people who make the SYDNI centre as unique and special as it is!

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