Tulia formerly Migrant Family Support CIC

We provide expert legal advice and support to migrants and refugees in the UK, Europe and Africa, with a combination of practical training programmes and community support.

Tulia is for everyone who is looking to build a familiar home, in a new place.
People have always migrated, whether for work, love, adventure or finding safety and many people are able to adjust and build new lives without specialist support. Some people become more vulnerable because of the circumstances of their departure or their reception on arrival. This includes people without family support or with an insecure immigration status, refugees, people seeking asylum and survivors of violence, exploitation or trafficking.
Tulia works with people who are marginalised, at-risk or in crisis because they are excluded from the welfare safety net by the ‘no recourse to public funds’ condition or by the complexity of the immigration system and exclusion from wider services due to hostile environment.

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