Willenhall community forum

WCF was created in 1995, local residents had identified a gap in mainstream services and looked to the community to reduce the impact.
WCF still operates today with the same mindset, we are now a charity, who listens to the residents and works with them to fill the gaps and support them to be more resilient.
We work with partner organisation's including the local authority to try and bring services to our community. for example we were able to host lateral free testing, support a recruitment programme supporting some of the long term unemployed into paid employment.
We run a social café, a place which is more of a come and have a chat, walk in alone, walk away with a friend.
We want to help residents become leaders of their community, if they have an idea we will do our very best to help them see it become a reality, for example, a local resident wanted to bring an arts group to the centre, they didn't want a structured, formal arts (teaching) group, but a place where anyone could come along and dabble in all types of art, painting, crayon, knitting or if they just wanted to come along and join in the chat. We were able to heavily subsidise the running costs, the group closed due to Covid, but we are hopeful they will return very soon.

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