Man donates sports boots to struggling families 

Growing up as a kid, Carl wore donated boots; ones that were a size too big for him. Now, he donates football and rugby boots to those in need.

After overhearing a mother say ‘she wasn’t sure her son would be back to play football because she couldn’t afford a new pair of boots’, it took Carl down memory lane.

A memory so close to his heart, that he decided to set up The Boot Room; a project that donates unwanted football and rugby boots to struggling families. 

To date, Carl has collected and distributed more than 100 pairs of boots and put a smile on countless people’s face. 

He said “Anybody in need we will gladly help… from a child to an adult that’s exactly what we’re there for.”

The initiative means a lot to Carl after being in a similar position when he was just 15 years old. Although his parents couldn’t afford football boots, he was given a dose of hope when someone donated a pair to him.

Carl said “If people can keep donating, then we can keep donating out. It becomes a circle that just keeps going and going and going”.