Scrapyard finds £20,000 cash and donates it to charity 

You couldn’t write a better movie scene if you tried. But this isn’t a movie, this is real life.

Sackers Scrap Metal found a mighty £20,000 in cash lurking in an old, rusty safe and donated it to two local charities. 

As the angle grinder lay looming, staff noticed the safe was filled with something a little out of the ordinary; wads of notes and coin bags (and we’re not talking about a few fivers). In fact, staff were shocked to find £20,000 worth of tender. 

A spokeswoman from the yard said “it had clearly been in there for many years, as it was dusty and wet from being in the rain”.

The money was immediately handed over to the Police in hopes that the “rightful owner” would return to collect their treasure. But bizarrely – aside from a few phoney attempts –  no one came forward.

Fast forward 6 months, the Magistrates Court has now ruled that Sackers Scrapyard are the rightful owners of the £20k jackpot and have decided to donate the money to two local charities. 

David Dodds – Managing Director of Sackers – said East Anglian Children’s Hospice (EACH) and St Elizabeth Hospice were both overjoyed with the news! 

Liz Baldwin from St Elizabeth Hospice said it was “an amazing discovery”. “We’re so pleased that they have decided to split the findings with the hospice and EACH. It’s such a lovely surprise for us just before Christmas.”

EACH Suffolk said “we’re very grateful to hear of the company’s intention to make another such generous donation”.