Warwickshire Councillor gives out free fish and chips to those in need

It’s not everyday you see a town councillor sporting a festive elf-fit serving chip butties by the dozens. Don’t worry, it’s not a new uniform, it’s all in the spirit of giving back. 

Warwick town and district councillor Jody Tracey was behind the magic, along with the volunteers at the Helping Hands charity and Spinney Hill chippy. 

The team gave out scrumptious hot meals and provided a listening ear to those in need, one chip butty at a time. 

Chippy owner Tufusal Hussain said  “Amjand and I cooked the fish, and Cllr Tracey was in charge of delivery and ‘elf and safety.” 

He continued, “we’ve been aware of the excellent work carried out by the Helping Hands organisation for some time and asked Cllr Tracey to help us  extend our support.”

The visitors and volunteers couldn’t believe it when one of Santa’s elves delivered lunch.

Cllr Tracey said: “The Helping Hands Community Project is a wonderful local charity staffed by volunteers that do a great job of offering a hand up, not just a hand out and when The Spinney Hill Chippy asked me to get involved, I was only too happy to help.

“They do a great fish and chips at the Spinney Hill Chippy and it looked like everyone else agreed at the drop in.”