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Written by: Rob Langley-Swain

Concerning stats from recent survey highlight Make Good Grow is needed more than ever


A recent survey conducted by the Charities Aid Foundation has revealed that one-third of charities will struggle to survive due to the effects of the cost of living crisis.

The research, which polled more than 500 leaders across the sector, highlighted the fact that the combination of lower donations and rising demand for services could create a ‘perfect storm’ that will increase pressure on organisations already stretched to their limits thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

With inflation set to continue rising this year, driven by increasing energy prices, and interest rates rising to their highest level in 13 years this month (May 2022), approximately 60% of the more than 547 leaders surveyed said they were worried about people having less money to donate to charity.

It shows, says Rob Langley-Swain, MD of Make Good Grow, that the support Make good Grow offers has never been more imperative for the third sector: “The recent Charities Aid Foundation research shows a real unrest and worry across a sector that is already stretched at the seams. We are seeing more good causes come forward to use the services pledged on our marketplace, which include skilled volunteering hours from businesses, free meeting room and event space, as well as products and services. It’s vital that the work we are doing grows and more businesses step up and step forward to support a sector under such pressure. The fallout of not doing so will be huge, yet the reward and impact of making a difference is even bigger and so needed.”

“So I’m calling on all businesses now, large and small – please get in touch with Make Good Grow and get involved, show the Good Causes that are the lifeblood of our society that you care and that you will support them through these uncertain times. It doesn’t need to cost the earth or affect your businesses bottom line or financial success. The use of a meeting room, an hour of marketing advice from your team or even an extra person running a marathon all adds up, so please get in touch and get involved now!”

Key stats from the survey revealed:

  • Over 70% are concerned about their charity’s ability to manage increasing demand from service users.
  • 82% of respondents detailed the rising costs their organisations are facing (including their own fuel and energy bills)
  • 80% feel the pressure to increase wages
  • 65% are worried about the increases in cost of stock

Head of Marketing and Community Engagement at Make Good Grow, Charlotte Kissack, says: “Thanks to the rise in cost of living, many more people in our communities are likely to need additional support from charities and good causes. This could be in the form of food banks, mental health and disability support, financial guidance – the list goes on. These organisations are, therefore, starting to feel the pressure from all sides. Our dedication is to support smaller good causes, charities, community groups and CICs and we will do all we can to continue to do so and increase our network of businesses pledging to help out Good Causes that do so much.”

So sign-up as a Good Cause with Make Good Grow now.

Once you have completed the sign up, you can head straight to our Pledge Marketplace and browse and match with businesses offering a range of free services and products.

If you’re a business leader and want to find out more about what you could do to help, see what other businesses are pledging on the marketplace, or contact us to set out a plan of what you could do to help.