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develop online presence

Develop an online presence by creating a social media account on the right platform for your organisation and learn how to manage your accounts.

Skills needed
Digital Marketing, Social Media
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Evaluating our Wellbeing Services using SWEMWBs Excel Spreadsheet

We deliver Wellbeing in Nature sessions to adults and evaluate the impact every 3 – 4 months.
We do this using a recognised programme called WEMWEBs (Warwick and Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale). We use a short version which comprises of 7 questions about a participant's Health and Wellbeing. This is repeated periodially.

Currently we use an excel spreadsheet with pre-programmed formulas but we'd like to make some additions and are struggling with the IT side of things with excel!
If a system could be put in place to make the data entry simple and straightforward it would free up staff time for what they do best – ie delivering sessions

Skills needed
Information Technology
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Social Media Audit

Assess the current state of your social media pages and gain actionable recommendations on how to improve presence and engagement.

Skills needed
Social Media
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The Betty Ennis Foundation

Discuss, identify, and plan for a new source of earned income to strengthen your organisation’s financial position and sustain its mission over the long term.

Skills needed
Entrepreneurship, Strategy Consulting
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Infographic for Impact Report 2021/22 Financial Year

The infographic needs to be engaging and impactful. For consistency it would be great to have it in a format that could be shared across all of our social media (Insta, Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn) as well as in the printed and digital report (I use Issuu to publish the report digitally – open to advise if something better is available).
GAGA Brand Colours
Hex: #09 AB 56 #EA AD 14 #63 36 13
CMYK: C80 M0 Y90 K0 C3 M32 Y98 B0 C45 M72 Y83 B47

Skills needed
Graphic Design
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Penguino leaflet design templates for UHCW Charity

University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire Charity makes things better for staff, patients and their families. Our iconic "Penguino" Christmas t-shirt achieved global fame when it was worn by the world's first recipient of the Covid 19 vaccine, Margaret Keenan, who is now our Charity Ambassador.
We would like some help in incorporating Penguino into some engaging designs for our fundraising materials, specifically for a template for our leaflets to go across the Trust to encourage support.

Skills needed
Graphic Design
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The Uniform Project UK

The Uniform Project's financial sustainability relies on:
1. Donations
2. Sponsorships
3. A voluntary donation amount when ordering uniforms.
4. Fundraising events at school (e.g., Bake sales at school, Teacher/parent sports day, Home clothes day, Sponsored run)

Skills needed
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Info graphic video

We would like it to be an infographic/cartoon-type video where we can show facts and figures and have a voice-over.

Facts will be short and to the point such as:
– 2 individuals are diagnosed with cancer in and around pregnancy every day
– pregnancy can often hide the symptoms of cancer
– if you have concerns, please speak to your GP or midwife
– see the symptom not the pregnancy

The video will be shared on social media and our website through Cancer and Pregnancy Awareness Week.

The audience will be both the public and healthcare professionals, so it's very top level at this stage.

Skills needed
Photography & Video
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