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Help us optimise our website (and spread more joy across the UK!)

Our website was created for us by a volunteer in 2017 using Squarespace. We feel it is time for a fresh set of critical eyes on it, assessing its usability, effectiveness and success in achieving our objectives.
The outcome may be a recommendation that we need a complete overhaul (perhaps on a different platform) or a plan or smaller amends that can make a big impact.

Skills needed
Web Design, Web Development
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Facebook/Insta Ad Campaign For Crafting Connections – spreading joy and reducing loneliness

We have recently launched a brand new project called Crafting Connections, with a new website We would like to run Facebook/Insta advertising campaigns encouraging sign-up, including retargeting for people who've visited the website previously.
We would also like to use the learnings from this to optimise our campaign performance for other projects we run.

Skills needed
Digital Advertising, Digital Marketing
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New CRM System

Set up your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to track your donor, volunteer, and constituent database needs more effectively.

Skills needed
Database Administration, Information Technology
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Update OAC event page

Update your organisation's website with recent news and accomplishments, new photos or video clips, or other information about your Programmes and activities.

Skills needed
Web Development
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