Helping your community has never been easier!

Think of us as match makers for good causes, matching your business with the right charity who needs your support. Whether it’s a short or long term relationship – it’s up to you!

We’re revolutionising giving back, empowering businesses and their staff to create meaningful impact on your terms with your schedule – gone are the days of wanting to do good but find it difficult and time consuming.

We’re the ultimate matchmakers, pairing you with a charity that aligns with your business needs.

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Your Impact, Your Way!

We make it accessible and easy for Passioneers to give back – their way and on their terms. You can dip in or out of projects and equally chose a projects that pulls on those hearts strings.

In Time

If you’re a Passioneer Business wanting to give your time, skills or trade to make a difference. We can find the project to suit you.

In Kind

Perhaps you have excess inventory or have recently upgraded your equipment, and seeking a new home for items you no longer require. We can ensure your items don’t go to waste.

In Cash

There are tax advantages in giving back. By companies making gross donations to charity they can get relief at their corporate tax rate, so your social impact can go further.

Social Accelerator Process

Our Social Accelerator process is our vehicle to accelerating charities further. We meet with charities first and assess their individual needs before matching them up with Passioneers. Our Accelerator ‘pic n mix’ allows charities to chose 1 or all 3 programmes that will help accelerate their offering!

Sarah Taylor-Watts, our Head of Fundraising, boasts an impressive track record in securing financial support from the business community. We inspire our Charity Partners to envision ambitious goals, exploring ways we can bring these aspirations to fruition.

We help Charities run their organisations in a smoother way by implementing an Operating System that delivers alignment of the team and full accountability. With a beautiful 1-page vision shared by all, a compelling scorecard and a process for tackling issues the right way, they can look forward to a healthier culture, more motivated staff and less stress! As part of that process if we uncover major areas where professional help is needed, we call on our Passioneers to help unblock things.

Our many hundreds of Passioneers have a multitude of skills. We package these up in bite-sized 2 hour expert workshops to help Charity Teams keep abreast, whether that’s ‘finance for non-finance managers’ or ‘how to become a social media champ’, we can help create a professional development plan. We do this with groups of Charities in the same room because the outcomes are multiplied when that happens.

Why get involved?

  1. Engage in numerous projects, utilising employee skills for causes — vary your involvement from a 60-minute call to team projects.
  2. Let us match you with good causes that aligns with your core values of interest or trust us to pair you with impactful opportunities.
  3. See the project you’re involved in, from start to end! For every project completed, we shine a light on your business through our story telling on how you contributed towards meaningful impact.

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