Good Causes.

{ gud kaw – zuhz } – noun

A charity or local initiative within South Warwickshire that receives support through Make Good Grow.

How can we help?

At Make Good Grow, we’re dedicated to unleashing the power of good causes across South Warwickshire! Our unique triple-threat process ensures that whether you have a one-off project or are seeking a long-term partnership, we’ll match you with the perfect Passioneer to meet your needs.

We understand that making an impact can be challenging, which is why we’re here to make it a breeze. With our specialised approach, good causes in South Warwickshire can thrive without the hassle. Currently, we’re proud to support over 60 local initiatives, schools, and charities, offering them a range of support from our dedicated network of Passioneers and businesses.

Joining Make Good Grow as a Good Cause is like gaining access to an exclusive club. You’ll receive support from industry experts who can offer professional guidance, provide excess tech, and so much more, helping your cause make a meaningful difference; keeping that good growing.

Our Social Accelerator approach offers three key benefits:

Become One Of Our Good Causes:

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Good Causes

We support you! Please get in touch to let us know more about you and how we can help:

(This is the number of people your good cause has impacted in the last year. For example, if you run workshops, how many people attend? If you are a school, how many students are enrolled? etc. Please be as accurate as possible with this number. If you are unsure please put your best guess or N/A)
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Good Causes We Support:


How long does a project take?

We match your project with the right Passioneer, they are happy to offer their people, products or profits to contribute towards your projects, they are entirely dependent on your timescales so they are able to work as fast as you can.

Who will be providing the support?

Our growing Passioneer network includes 170+ passionate individuals and businesses dedicated to supporting your initiatives. We connect you with the right partners, whether local or national, to fulfil your needs effectively. Most are based in South Warwickshire, but some national businesses have a local focus here.

Where do you advertise our projects?

We advertise your projects through a private Eventbrite link that is shared with our network of Passioneers and Businesses, those who are interested in contributing to your projects will sign up and we carefully match them with your project to create the perfect soul-partnership.