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Written by: Ola Kielbasa

It’s Time for you to hear this…

Losing a parent is like losing part of yourself. It is not something you should deal with alone, and that is why the wonderful community at It’s Time are expanding, along with huge ambitions for the future to help reach more people who are going through such a difficult moment in their lives.

Here at Make Good Grow we help Good Causes and Good Businesses work together to create an everlasting impact that will help these causes to thrive, so could you be the next in line to give them some help?

Let us tell you more of their story, to whet your appetite…

We spoke to Libby Mills, Marketing & Operations Executive at It’s Time, who kindly gave us an insight into their cause and plans for the future.

“We’re raising awareness that approximately 15% of young people between the ages of 16-30 in the UK have lost a parent”

They became a registered charity in 2021 but are already improving lives. So far, they have raised over £40,000 which has enabled them to expand from 7 brilliant hands-on trustees to a team of 2 (soon to be 3) part-time employees.

People power is essential to us being able to continue to grow and sustain that growth so we can offer our beneficiaries all of the support we know they need, as we are a team of young people who have all lost a parent/s.”

By partnering with universities, they provide support to students who have lost a parent/s, providing leaflets in prep for their new academic year and blog articles that have been shared on their student hubs, including a blog that has been published on the NUS Website.

There is also support available on their socials, mini-podcast series, and website at Index of support services and FREE Help Guides for people who support young adults: educational staff, employers, etc).

But perhaps most importantly, It’s Time are providing a community of mutual support for young adults who have lost a parent, and their comments speak for themselves:

‘I want to share my experience of losing a parent at a young age to help others. I feel like I am now confident in speaking about it with others and can help them with the emotions they may be feeling.

‘I lost my dad when I was 15 and am keen to connect with others who have had similar experiences!’

‘I lost my Dad a few months ago and I would like the ability to feel part of a community that are dealing with something similar’

The next step in their plans to support their growing online community is to create a resource hub covering key topics such as:

– Social & Community (Socialising after losing a parent, dating, change in family relationships, etc) and Career & Professional (Career advice, guidance & mentorship)

– Career & Professional (Career advice, guidance & mentorship)

– Environment (Housing – a lot of young people who are homeless have lost a parent)

– Finance (Money management, paying for a funeral, etc)

– Grief (Emotional and general well-being)

How can you help?

Brilliant volunteers at It’s Time have dedicated themselves to helping with things such as graphics, web pages, strategy, research, and intern recruitment. “But being a growing charity, managing all of the operations/fundraising/marketing/community can be demanding.” They are looking for someone or an organisation that has the experience and knowledge building/launching online communities.

That is why you can help; your skills are vital to an upcoming cause like this one. If you come from a marketing, graphic design, or recruitment background, you can lift some weight off their shoulders so they can keep helping their community, making fewer people feel alone at the most pivotal moments of their lives.

‘Volunteers are a huge part of how we have gotten to where we are today’

We have been lucky enough to work with It’s Time since their inception and have seen first-hand the impact of matching them with 5 Good Businesses who supported them with logo design, branding, copywriting, fundraising strategy and leadership mentoring. Of course, none of this could have been possible without the generous businesses that we work with and there’s more charities in our community who need support.

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