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Written by: Ola Kielbasa

Let us tell you about Marathon Kids UK

Let us tell you about Marathon Kids UK, a charity which helps kids unleash their potential through sport

We all know that kids thrive on achievements and accomplishing challenges of some kind. It has never been more important to see success outside of the classroom and academically – through the arts, music, drama, sport or other hobbies.

‘It’s not just about being the best, it’s about every child’s unique journey’.

Marathon Kids UK was founded in 2010 by Martine Verweij and Catherine O’Carroll, with a focus on providing running and exercise opportunities for primary school children, during school time and weekends. This incredible charity is delivering sessions nationwide, which are tailored for specific school and community settings. The team work tirelessly to achieve their key objectives of positively supporting the mental and social well-being of young people, providing a healthy lifestyle through access to consistent exercise activities, tackling childhood obesity and inspire a love of physical activity in the next generation.

‘Hundreds of thousands of children have already benefited from Marathon Kids UK programs over the past decade!’

Earlier this year, Marathon Kids joined the Make Good Grow community, and we helped them identify the support they needed. Following initial conversations, we successfully matched them with Kinetic Communications, who delivered a thorough communication review and plan, giving them a clear, succinct strategic overview and route for future direction. 

Christopher McShane – Managing Director at Marathon Kids had this to say:

‘’During the summer of 2022, I contacted Make Good Grow to request support for our charity Marathon Kids UK. I wasn’t quite sure what support the charity could benefit from most, but after a quick consultation with a member of the Make Good Grow team, I felt confident that marketing and fundraising would be the two most impactful areas.

Make Good Grow, connected me with some incredible professionals, who are experts in the respective fields! The conversations I had were invaluable and it was clearly something we otherwise, as a charity, could not afford.

If you, like me, are unsure of what assistance you require or could benefit from, I cannot emphasise enough the positive impact and benefit I have received from picking up the phone and contacting the Make Good Grow team.’’

Christopher McShane, Marathon Kids UK

We thrive on delivering support to Good Causes and are keen to continually understand the needs and demands of organisations, so we remain positioned to source and match them to the best possible support from our network of pledging businesses.

So we call out to you – whether you’re a businesses capable of providing some kind of support or a Good Cause that is desperate for some help. Get in touch or sign-up, and let’s see what good we can grow!