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Written by: Rob Langley-Swain

Make Good Grow pledges to do more good…

Make Good Grow pledges to do more good…

We are spending a lot of time listening and learning from the Good Causes we support and the businesses who are joining our movement for good.

It is really important for us to be an agile organisation and mould our support to maximise the impact that we can all have as a community, united with a shared vision to create more meaningful and measured impact in society.

With this in mind – we are launching the new Make Good Grow Pledge programme…. so what is it all about?

We have seen how successful the Good Cause project marketplace has been over the past 18 months, with Good Causes posting projects and matching with skilled volunteers, but we think there is more we can do.

The Pledge programme works the opposite way round… Businesses and individual Passioneers can commit to providing products / services and other support for the benefit of Good Causes. Make Good Grow will support them in creating a pledge statement, which will record their commitment to do good.

We are also developing a new ‘GoodPlace’ online store, where the pledged items will be listed. Good Causes will be able to browse the ‘GoodPlace’ and choose the support that will help them the most, adding items to their basket and checking out like any other online store. The Make Good Grow team will then do their usual magic matchmaking work in the background to connect the relevant business with the requesting cause and bob’s your uncle – more matches – making more goodness grow.

We have already started to develop the first pledges from businesses and who better to be the first to be on board than the place we call home – 1 Mill Street, who are offering FREE use of their meeting rooms, podcast recording studio, event space and fleet vehicle – The Passion Wagon. Check out their full pledge here