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Written by: El Prior

Making a Difference on a Tight Schedule: The Benefits of Microvolunteering

For those of us with demanding jobs, family responsibilities, and other time-consuming commitments, it’s tough to find the time to volunteer.

But with microvolunteering, you can contribute to a larger community project, on your terms.


So, what exactly is microvolunteering?

Simply put, it’s a type of volunteering that requires only a small amount of time and effort. Pretty simple, right?

Instead of committing to a long-term position, you can complete small, bite-sized tasks. These range from planting a few seeds in a community allotment, to crowdsourcing, to sharing a post on social media!

And what makes microvolunteering such a great option?

First of all, it’s flexible. You can complete tasks on your own schedule, which means you don’t have to sacrifice your day job or your family time. Meaning, microvolunteering is accessible to absolutely everyone.

Second, it’s low-commitment. If you’re not sure if volunteering is right for you, or if you’re not ready to commit to a long-term project, you can simply dip your toe into the wonderful world of volunteering.

And finally, it’s impactful. While the tasks may be small, they can still make a big difference for organisations that rely on volunteers to get things done.

In fact, a study by the Taproot Foundation found that 91% of nonprofits surveyed reported that pro bono volunteers have helped them build their capacity and improve their effectiveness.

Microvolunteering also hosts a wide variety of other personal benefits.

For example, you can build new relationships (professional & personal), and feel more connected to your community.

And, volunteering has been shown to boost production of endorphins, one of the ‘happy hormones’ we covered in our newsletter a few weeks ago.

A no-brainer, right?


Soooo…. What now?

You’re convinced that microvolunteering is the way to go, and you’re ready to start making a difference, right?

Well, we’ve got some exciting micro (and macro, if that’s your jam…) volunteering opportunities coming up soon. Watch this space for our Big Help Out Bonanza 👀

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