Heart of England Partnership Announcement

Make Good Grow announce their partnership with the Heart of England Community Foundation
Josh Pinfold

Josh Pinfold

We’re over the moon to announce our new partnership with the Heart of England and we can’t wait to tell you why. So, lets start some introductions …

The Heart of England is one of the UK’s grant giving Community Foundations they award grants to community and voluntary groups throughout the West Midlands, and through these grants, they champion local giving and build brilliant partnerships with like-minded organisations and  individuals. What’s so great about The Heart of England is that they truly care about the communities on their doorstep and their impact is phenomenal. 

A brilliant example of the work they do has been their response to COVID-19 and their Coronavirus Resilience Fund.

Within 100 days of announcing their dedicated Covid Resilience Fund, The Heart of England had awarded 350 grants to local groups amounting to more than £1.2m. The speed and effectiveness of their campaign goes some way to showing you the power of the foundation and its team members. You can watch a video about the impact of the resilience fund here.

So, what does this exciting partnership mean for Make Good Grow? Many of the Heart of England’s grants are given for specific projects, and with each grant that the Heart of England makes, they will now promote Make Good Grow as a source of skilled volunteers. This means that we can start working with  hundreds of local Community Groups who have  exciting projects for our Passioneers to work on! 

Tina Costello, Foundation Chief Executive, said:

“We’ve been in conversation with Make Good Grow for some time and believe this partnership has the potential to provide a huge amount of additional support to organisations in the West Midlands. 

There are so many amazing projects in our region and if we can help connect them to passionate volunteers then it will only benefit the communities we care about.”

Nigel Shanahan, Founder of Make Good Grow, said:

“Tina and the team have been a brilliant help to us and their advice on navigating the sector has proven invaluable.

We think that their fantastic relationships with the organisations in the Midlands are the “missing piece of the puzzle” for us to start connecting our Passioneers with Community Groups who are already making a real impact.”

So there you have it. An influx of exciting and impactful projects are on their way! Fancy getting stuck in yourself? If you haven’t already, you can signup to be a Passioneer here.

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Once you’ve signed up we’ll be in touch to find out what your perfect project looks like and start matching you with local community groups