{ pass – shon – ear } – adjective

Passion + Volunteer = Passioneer. An individual with a skillset, trade or passion to do support and help charities/good causes.

What is a Passioneer?

Like the definition above, Passioneers are fervent individuals who want to use their skill sets to make good grow.

Passioneers may emerge within corporate settings, entrepreneurial ventures, or simply as enthusiasts seeking to channel their abilities into passion projects.

Whether it’s providing aid at soup kitchens, crafting websites, or orchestrating workshops, Passioneers form the backbone of Make Good Grow, adding to the success of numerous initiatives.

Speaking of initiatives…

Our commitment to community impact knows no bounds and we have the endless volunteer opportunities to prove it. We’re working with over 90 charities within South Warwickshire, with a vast array of volunteer opportunities that cater to diverse interests and passions.

From supporting education initiatives to championing all things mental health, our projects span a multitude of sectors, ensuring that there’s something for everyone to get involved in. Whether you’re passionate about animal welfare, social justice, or healthcare, our partnerships enable you to make a meaningful impact right on our doorstep. By harnessing the collective power of our volunteers, we’re driving positive change and leaving a lasting legacy in our community.

Alongside our larger ongoing projects, we have a range of what we call Call To Arms. These are one-off projects as part of the Run portion of the Social Accelerator.

Passioneer Testimonials:

“It’s really nice that we are supporting a local school and Make Good Grow used two local businesses to get involved and support as well, so we’re super proud to do so”

Dave Birch

CEO & Founder of Endurance Zone

“When we received an enquiry from Evergreen School regarding getting some football kit for the football team, being so local we knew it was going to be for a great cause.”

Harry Hartin

Akuma Sports

“Really honoured to be offered to come and run a workshop, with Make Good Grow, I think they’re doing some great things in the area and it’s something that myself and us as a firm really believe in giving back.”

Jack Herbert

Burgis and Bullock Chartered Accountants

Become a Passioneer:

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Become a Passioneer and help spread the love. Please get in touch below and tell us how you would like to help:

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How long does a project take?

We match you with the right project that fits your terms and timescale. You can dip in and dip out of projects. All of our projects are different and may require different timescales, but it’s our job at Make Good Grow to ensure you’re happy with the impact you’re able to create.

What charities will I be supporting?

We are working with over 60 charities within South Warwickshire, in a number of different sectors. It’s our role to find your perfect good cause/ charity match that aligns with something you truly care about and want to create impact for them.

What do I get in return?

We will share your Passioneer story across our own platforms, to shine a light on the project you were involved in and the impact that was created.