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Calligraphy & Illustration Mural

Larissa is offering to design, develop and install a Calligraphy & Illustration mural for your Good Cause’s space.

RRP: £150
Our Price: Free

What's included in this Pledge?

This pledge includes a 30 minute call to develop a concept for the mural, and the installation of the piece.

To be noted:

  • This pledge is on an application basis – you are not guaranteed to receive this pledge when ordered.
  • The mural is limited to 3 hours of work, and the wall should be ready to paint e.g prepped, no cracks etc…
  • This pledge is available to Good Causes in Warwickshire and Coventry.

Tell me about Larissa Evans

Larissa has grown up with the love of craft ranging from life drawing, silversmithing, to calligraphy, the list goes on! Since learning modern calligraphy over 6 years ago, she fell in love with it due to its versatility and ability to be used across a range of crafts and applications (including windows!). She now teaches Modern Calligraphy workshops, illustrates windows and creates wedding stationary with it. Through her creative pursuits, Larissa particularly loves working and collaborating with small businesses. She is based in Warwick, currently pursuing her dream to change her office job into a full time creative.

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