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Voilo lets you easily collect gift-aid-enabled donations at only 0.49% per transaction, with groundbreaking ‘QR code’ payment technology.

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Our Price: Free

What's included in this Pledge?

Voilo lets you easily collect gift-aid-enabled donations, with ground-breaking ‘QR code’ payment technology.

Tell me about VOILO


Voilo enables charities to take payments on the go.

Giving Good Cause the power to raise money quicker and easier through a secure platform, as well as equipping supporters to use a
QR code technology, to raise money and sponsorship in a new way.

Voilo removes the need for any external devices and sign up takes less than five minutes, meaning you can start fundraising right away!

To top it all off, Voilo have tried to minimise the processing fees, drastically reducing the costs Good Causes incur from traditional platforms and services – to just 0.49% of each transaction.

Find out more about the fundraising revolution via their website:

And visit the Pledge Marketplace to check out VOILO’s special offer for Make Good Grow’s Good Cause community – with £0 set up fee (usually £19). 

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